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Consider Pastures is raising the bar for excellence in the egg category with its focus on environmental stewardship using holistic farming practices, commitment to social justice measures, and innovative carton design.

We believe that for animal agriculture to have a future, it must evolve towards using the principles of regenerative agriculture, and that the production of pasture raised eggs should be part of a holistic farm ecosystem. Consider Pastures is guided by the tenets of regenerative agriculture. Our eggs are 100% Certified Humane® Pasture Raised. But Consider Pastures is committed not just to animal welfare, but also to the welfare of the land.

Consider Pastures is the means to support and communicate the values and principles of regenerative agriculture in egg farming. We are on a mission to revolutionize the egg industry, by acting as stewards of farmland and surrounding ecosystems, with a focus on small flocks, multi-livestock farms, pollinator colonies, and soil quality and biodiversity. Consider Pastures is helping to heal a food system in distress.

Certified B Corporation

2021 NEXTY Award Finalist - Best Mission-Based Company & Best Animal-Based Product

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Certified B CorporationFamily OwnedMission-Driven BusinessNew/Emerging BrandSustainable Packaging
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Category: Raw Ingredients
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