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From Monday, November 15, 2021 6:00 AM to Tuesday, November 16, 2021 6:00 PM.
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The unbalanced mobility flows and the reintegration of researchers still represents a major challenge for the EU and its Member states, and contributes to the research and innovation divide within the EU. The geographical, inter-sectoral and interdisciplinary mobility of researchers and other R&D personnel is namely a core dimension of the New European Research Area.

The 2021 MSCA Presidency Conference will highlight the unbalanced brain circulation and aim to contribute to the achievement of the flagship of the New ERA, namely to build a common scientific and technological area for the EU and to create a single market for research and innovation.

The conference will address the issue of return migration and reintegration processes of MSCA researchers after the completion of their scholarships to countries of origin as a challenge to multidimensional intra-European mobility flows of researchers. It will seek to seek to demonstrate the extent to which MSCA researchers can reduce research and innovation divide within the EU and, consequently, balance the mobility of highly educated talents within the EU.

The Slovenian Presidency will use the conference to provide a platform for in-depth discussions on unbalanced mobility flows and the reintegration of researchers. The objectives of the conference will be threefold:  

  • raise awareness of the importance of the return mobility and reintegration processes to foster the balanced mobility flows of MSCA researchers.  
  • showcase examples of existing good practices as well as barriers, instruments, and policies to promote the return migration and reintegration processes of MSCA fellows after the end of the project, their research careers, knowledge, and skills into their country of origin.  
  • make recommendations for the implementation of MSCA return migration and reintegration instruments and policies at EU, Member State, research organization and individual level. More: 

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