SOLFA SRL Integrated plant for  marble slabs restoring and polishing


Integrated system for epoxy and polyester resin coating with double grinding and polishing module made with interconnection between production, management and semi-automatic material handling parameters according to the rules of the National Industry 4.0 plan In detail, the system consists of two separate lines whose interconnection is guaranteed in a semi-automatic way by motorized trolleys supporting slabs controlled by an operator. Line for Epoxy Resin Loading and unloading made with Match-type robot for book-matching process and double rotating platform supporting the trolleys with the slabs. SMART type mixed drying / catalysis oven with a capacity of 10 slabs in the drying section and 20 in the catalysis section, thus guaranteeing a maximum production of 10 slabs per hour in single side Grinding - Polyester Resining - Polishing Line Composed of two separate Grinding and Polishing machines for a total of 22 heads (8 + 14) joined by a resin line consisting of a drying oven with IR lamps and forced ventilation, manual resin station, double IR and UV catalysis oven. After the polishing machine, a four-head waxing machine, a scanner, and a protective polyethylene sheet applicator complete the line. Loading and unloading are carried out with Match-type robots for book matching process