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Keyless’ next-generation biometrics eliminate the need to process and store biometric data, enabling organizations to protect their users with one, simple action, via a quick, intuitive user experience. The technology combines multi-modal biometrics with advanced cryptography, leveraging a distributed cloud architecture to enable passwordless authentication for employees and consumers.

Identity sits at the intersection of security, privacy and user experience, and this is where Keyless steps in. The Keyless zero-knowledge biometrics platform is the first of its kind, which is interoperable across devices, allowing organizations the freedom to provide users with a consistent and seamless authentication experience. With a strong focus on privacy-preserving technology and security, Keyless is PSD2 SCA compliant and exceeds GDPR requirements. This is especially important as organizations work to adopt identity-first security approaches, not just for employees, but for consumers.

Keyless’ vision is to create a world where anyone can seamlessly access any digital service from any device, at any time, while keeping personal credentials safe, private and under control. Where the only key is you.

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