The URBIO group of companies has as main objective the implementation of projects for the rehabilitation and efficiency of public lighting, based on LED technology.  

We offer complete services from the design and establishment of the optimal solution for each location to the implementation. 

Our design engineers can include in their solutions our efficient LED street light luminaires dimensioned using specialized programs or LED luminaire for avenues, sidewalks, parks, residential and public spaces. All integrated in a smart city platform - the present but especially the future of lighting solutions. 

URBIOLED is a Romanian manufacturer of LED luminaires with a production capacity of over 150,000 luminaires per year. Our R&D department is constantly working to develop and integrate new technologies in our luminaires according to current market trends. Until series production, all luminaires are tested internally in the factory and then tested by independent accreditation bodies recognized at European level.  

We are characterized by flexibility, professionalism, cooperation, innovation and orientation to customer needs.  

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