Lecture : The promises and pitfalls of the coming digital upgrade of our physical reality

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 10:30 AM - 10:50 AM
TransVRsal Room
Quantum of XR

The Internet is moving off screens and out into the world around us. Our physical reality is about to get a digital upgrade and it could potentially enhance every aspect of our digital lives, culture, and economy. It might even help bring us in better touch with each other and the places where we live.

At the heart of this transformation will be a shared, interactive, smart and adaptive universe attached permanently to the real world. We will be able to summon content and apps for any purpose, need or desire. This can be achieved by matching 1:1 scale digital twins of real places with what our devices can sense. We will get our first experiences of this upgraded reality through Augmented Reality enabled devices such as smartphones or AR-glasses.  This talk will elaborate on some of the promises of this technology. 

The talk will then delve into some of the perils posed by the merger of the real and the digital world.

To reach its full potential, AR Cloud applications, content and experiences must be accessible, and work seamlessly for anyone, anywhere, on any device, and without unjustified restrictions. 

Currently, there is no such interoperability. There is no equivalent of the open web for real-world spatial computing.  We risk getting stuck in siloed experiences for a long time.

In a longer time perspective, the biggest perils of this new technology are likely the potential threats to individual rights to privacy, freedom,  personal safety, and dignity. If we fail to protect these fundamental pillars of liberal democracies the speaker fears that we could build for ourselves a digital prison controlled by governments or big corporations.

The speaker will then address the challenge of how to best realize the promises while avoiding the perils. He will give a status update on the global community of professionals who are currently tackling these challenges head-on through their participation in the work of Open AR Cloud.