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Give your molecule a boost in the race to market!

Keep your eyes wide open and avoid surprises along the way with the right analytical tools. Can your candidate survive the proof of concept challenge? Can it endure the clinical marathon? Can it clear all regulatory hurdles? Get to know your molecule early on and keep up the pace. Ready, set, GO!

At RIC biologics, we can offer you peace-of-mind by getting to know the ins and outs of your molecule using our extensive analytical toolset. We can support you through all phases of your product’s lifecycle: from early lead selection, throughout clinical research and during your commercial activities.

We are a privately-owned, Belgium-based centre of excellence with over 35 years of experience in the field of chromatography, mass spectrometry, peptide mapping, glycan mapping, electrophoresis, light scattering, etc. Working closely with our pharma customers for many years we have experienced first-hand how extensive product understanding is a critical attribute for success. Let us apply our analytical attention on your molecule and learn all there is to know.

Your molecule. Our analytics. No secrets.

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