Behind the Scenes of the HPC Solution: Improving Efficiency and Profitability in your Data Center

Monday, May 30, 2022 3:40 PM to 4:00 PM · 20 min. (Europe/Berlin)


This presentation addresses the following topic(s):

  • What are the important considerations in building data center facilities that can scale along with computing?
  • What under-appreciated aspects of data management are the real secrets to scalable computing?

High Performance Computing is a rapidly growing sector in the data industry. It is the interconnected ecosystem that enables unexpected insights, and drives accelerated conclusions that are expected today. Applications such as real-time data analysis, Artificial Intelligence, crypto mining, cloud gaming, and climate modelling are all demanding a next-level performance from IT infrastructure.

During the ISC show, Legrand and USystems are showcasing their dedicated HPC solution. Through our partnership we created an efficient solution, not only capable of accommodating flexibility in your data centers future capacity, but also provides a combination of quality, reliability, cost saving potential and versatility unseen in the market before.

In this video presentation we will demonstrate the individual strengths of our high-density cooling, power distribution & management and access control products, and the resulting perfectly tuned HPC solution that can support your requirements today and tomorrow.


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