Accelerating Scientific Computing Workflows through GPU-based Quantum-classical Programming, Compilation, and Simulation

Sunday, May 29, 2022 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM · 4 hr. (Europe/Berlin)
Hall Y12 - 2nd Floor
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Modern quantum computing systems are noisy, remotely-hosted resources that have enabled toy-model experimentation but are incapable of application-specific quantum advantage. Research and development activities promise to considerably advance this situation, and we are starting to observe quantum-classical systems with less noise and tighter coupling between CPU and quantum processing resources, enabling dynamic circuit execution based on qubit measurement readout. In this new tightly coupled era of quantum coprocessing, the community uniquely requires performant and familiar programming models as well as robust circuit simulation technologies for debugging and verification. This tutorial will introduce participants to the NVIDIA solution for quantum-classical computing. Specifically, we will present a hands-on tutorial demonstrating an HPC-ready quantum coprocessor programming model, language extension, and compiler platform targeting our cuQuantum simulation capabilities on NVIDIA multi-GPU architectures. Our approach enables performant programming, compilation, and execution of quantum-classical code, thereby accelerating research and development activities related to quantum accelerated computing. Our programming model extends C++ with primitives for quantum coprocessing, and our compiler toolchain lowers representations down to the LLVM IR adherent to the recently proposed QIR specification. This compiler workflow, coupled with scalable simulation techniques, enables a robust programming environment natively integrable with existing NVIDIA SDK approaches.