Status Report from Taiwan: The Vision and Mission of HPC center in Taiwan

Tuesday, May 31, 2022 2:34 PM to 2:46 PM · 12 min. (Europe/Berlin)
Hall G2 - 2nd Floor
Hpc in asia presentation
ML Systems & Tools


The emphasis of supercomputing has changed fast over the past decades. From HPC to Grid, Cloud, Big data, and recently the AI and AIoT. The shift of computing paradigms and visionary applications change every couple years. While trying to catch with the tide, one might wonder what is the value of such constant changing world of computing. The very bottom line of computing service is not the computing itself, but the value the computing service might create. Over the years, the NCHC (National Center of High-Performance Computing) which is the leading institute of supercomputing in Taiwan, had devoted its efforts and resources following the tide of technology. Various computing environments have been built, served, and evolved. In recent years, the Cloud-based AI computing environment has dominated the investment, followed by the AIOT platform initiative. Such efforts will be addressed in this presentation. In addition, when we look deep into the resource demands from our academia users, the demand of conventional supercomputer has never been decreased. The building up of supercomputing power has regain the momentum. Its current development and future adventure will also be shared in the presentation.