GigaIO provides the world’s only open rack-scale computing platform.

GigaIO creates rack-scale architecture for advanced scale workflows by seamlessly composing an entire rack of resources into a unified compute platform, all on native PCIe/soon CXL, for the lowest possible latency, and without proprietary architecture lock-in. No longer is the server the basic unit of compute. With GigaIO's universal dynamic memory fabric, FabreX, your entire 42U rack is your server.

Access any element within an entire rack to dynamically compose infrastructure for HPC and AI workflows — from storage to accelerators to memory, at the same performance as if they were inside a server enclosure. Build completely customized and otherwise impossible servers, at a fraction of cloud TCO.

Come see us in booth #A110 or schedule a virtual meeting with our team.

ISC 2022 Highlights
NATIVE INTEGRATION OF FABREX INTO BRIGHT CLUSTER MANAGER 9.2. A complete solution for building and managing composable clustered infrastructure that combines Bright Cluster Manager’s ability to build and manage clusters with GigaIO’s ability to disaggregate and compose servers, accelerators, and devices within a seamless memory fabric — see demo at Booth A110. COMPOSABILITY APPLIANCE: UNIVERSITY EDITION, POWERED BY AMD An easy-to-deploy, turnkey appliance for Higher Ed preconfigured with everything required to centralize, standardize, share, and optimize infrastructure across the varied departments of a University, despite having to handle varied types of workloads. BIRDS OF A FEATHER: COMPOSABLE INFRASTRUCTURE: LESSONS LEARNED BY SDSC Come see us on Wednesday, June 1, from 1pm-2pm in Hall E as we explore why some research centers are moving to a composable architecture. Featuring: • Frank Würthwein, Director of the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) and Executive Director, Open Science Grid • Martijn de Vries, Senior Director of Systems Software, NVIDIA • James Cuff, Chief of Scientific Computing and Partnerships, GigaIO

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