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Cornelis Networks™ is the leading provider of scalable, highly performant interconnect solutions that accelerate High Performance Computing (HPC), High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA), and AI applications in the Cloud and in the Data Center. As the home of Omni-Path Express™, Cornelis supports scientific, academic, governmental, and commercial segments.

You can access Cornelis Networks’ end-to-end interconnect solutions worldwide through an established set of server OEM and channel partners.

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ISC 2022 Highlights
Join us at the IXPUG workshop, 'Communication, I/O, and Storage at Scale on Next-Generation Platforms, June 2, 9am - 1pm (CEST). Learn more about Omni-Path Express with Doug Fuller, Cornelis Networks, and Steffen Christgau, Zuse Institute Berlin for 'An Early Scalability Study of Omni-Path Express', 11:30am - 12:00pm (CEST), Hall Y11 - 2nd floor

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