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PRACE-LAB (a cooperation in the field of advanced computing) is an IT project positioned on the Polish Map of Critical Research Infrastructure (adequate to ESFRI roadmaps). It provides production-based advanced computing and data storage services, supporting the scientific community in Poland and Europe. PRACE-LAB is also capable of offering competitive services for commercial clients in the field of cloud computing and cloud data, virtual environments and specialized expertise in the field of cybersecurity. 

The project provides the high-end infrastructure with: 

  • Over 3,200 nodes 
  • Over 15.5 PFLOPS of HPC 
  • Over 63 PB of data capacity 
  • Over 21 PB of data server capacity in MAN units (city networks) 
  • ETHERNET and INFINIBAND networks 
  • OpenStack, Ansible, SDN

ISC 2021 Digital Highlights
PSNC as a PRACE-LAB project leader, representing a consortium of HPC and MAN units, will present the most important aspects of the project and its advanced computing infrastructure - the Altair supercomputer and project's other HPC systems on TOP500.
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10 am-5 pm CET

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