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RSC Group is the leading Russian and worldwide well-known developer and integrator of innovative ultrahigh-dense, energy-efficient and hyper-converged solutions for HPC, data centers, cloud platforms and storage-on-demand systems based on RSC patented liquid cooling technology and a number of its own know-hows. RSC specialists also have solid experience of development and implementation of RSC BasIS integrated software stack solutions to improve work efficiency and application of supercomputer systems from system software to vertically oriented platforms based on cloud computing technologies. 

RSC is a Titanium member of Intel® Partner Alliance Program, has Intel® Select Solution for Simulation and Modeling, Intel® Select Solution for Professional
Visualization certifications, participates in Intel® Fabric Builders Program,
has Intel® HPC Data Center Specialist status and Intel® Solutions for Lustre
Reseller Elite status. Performance and scalability of RSC Tornado based
solutions are proved by Intel® Cluster Ready certification.  

RSC, PetaStream, RSC BasIS and RSC logos are registered trademarks of the RSC Group in Russia, USA, China, Japan and many European countries.  

ISC 2021 Digital Highlights
New generation of RSC Tornado solution based on the latest 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors and Intel Optane persistent memory 200 series is oriented on a wide range of demanding scientific research workloads and applied tasks. It provides the industry highest x86 architecture computing density of 967.45 Tflops per rack (+37% vs. previous generation), 2.45PB distributed RSC Storage on-Demand per rack (+36% vs. previous generation) with 3.67 TB/s IO bandwidth (2x vs. previous generation) and leading energy efficiency with 100% “hot water” liquid cooling of all electronic components, horizontal scalability from small systems with a few servers to huge clusters or server farms containing many thousands of server nodes. RSC Tornado solutions provide additional cost optimization benefits through support of open standards and new Intel server products. RSC Tornado solution based on 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors (up to 40 cores, TDP 270W), Intel Optane persistent memory 200 series, Intel SSDs and high-speed fabric 200 Gb/s has leading footprint and computing density (up to 153 nodes in one standard 42U rack), high energy efficiency and provides stable operation of computing nodes in “hot water” mode with cooling agent temperature up to +65°C at inlets of switching nodes and interconnects. Operation in “hot water” mode enables all-year free cooling (24x365) using only dry coolers running at ambient air temperature up to +50°C, and complete elimination of chillers. As the result, average power usage efficiency factor (PUE) is less than 1.04, which is an outstanding score for HPC industry. RSC Storage on-Demand solutions support NFS/Lustre/DAOS storage systems in one rack. New Intel open source DAOS (Distributed Asynchronous Object Storage) storage system provides the highest speed of data access with various patterns. This solution is optimal for AI (ML/DL) segment. It enables multi-layered storage based on Lustre file system in Disaggregated Composable Infrastructure and flexible management of NVMe disk pools, and enhances these levels with high-performance components based on DAOS. RSC uses its experience of building composable disaggregated solutions in DAOS management with RSC BasIS orchestration platform with the new and much more effective user interface (UI).
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