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NEC has a long history in High Performance Computing. Starting from the early 1980s, NEC has developed a product line of Vector Computers. With the rise of Linux based clusters NEC has provided complex solutions since the 1990s.

NEC will continue to innovate in this field with new solutions, in hardware, software and concepts. With the SX-Aurora TSUBASA NEC has combined the flexibility of a cluster with the raw power of the NEC Vector Engine Processor within a standard PCIe card.

With the proprietary vector systems, a wealth of x86-based products including accelerators, and storage appliances, NEC provides complete solutions for all kinds of requirements. In addition NEC has the necessary skills to provide HPC services, from simple installation and customization to running the most complex heterogeneous systems in mission-critical operational environments, including code development and tuning consultancy by experienced analysts.

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