AFM45-XN07 09 for Face Milling


Achteck is launching a new milling cutter which is mounted HEPTAGONAL double side insert and it provides a good solution for face milling. The insert has 14 cutting edges provide an economical solution to reduce machining cost. The new cutter with 45 degree entering angle is an ideal solution for face milling applications. The three geometry MM3, MM4 and MR6 are combined with Achteck’s CVD and PVD coating technology provide exceptional performance, a better surface finish and can be covering to machining on steels, stainless steels, cast irons and super alloys. The insert XN07..W has a wiper geometry provides a good surface finish and high productivity. Product Features With 45 degree entering angle with economical double side 14 cutting edges insert which are type of XN07/09 series. Provides high efficient, smooth machining and less cutting force due to high positive rake angle geometry in roughing The diameter of tool body up to 125mm have internal coolant through hole can be provided coolant to cutting edge exactly and reduce heat generating Two types of structure design of cutter: screw and wedge clamping. screw type for machining on steels, cast iron, stainless steels, super alloys and the wedge type for machining on cast irons. XN07 series inserts can be mounted with screw clamping and XN09 series inserts can be mounted with screw and wedge clamping. Ideal solution for rough machining of automotive components such as cylinder block, mainifolder, con-rod, knuckles, carriers and turbo charger.
Achteck ToolEstande virtual | ACHTECK TOOLGanzhou Achteck Tool Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chongyi Zhangyuan Tungsten Co., Ltd. (Listed Company with stock code 002378).It was established in 2007, located in Ganzhou Economic Development Area, with an area of 200,000 m².The registered capital of Achteck is 1.65 billion Yuan. Achteck has world class cemented carbide tool production technology. Achteck products can be widely applied in Petroleum, electric power, iron and steel, CNC machine tools industries and fields.  Advanced production technology         ◆ High performance and high precision cemented carbide coated inserts production line. Total investment was839 million Yuan. Based on the standard of “Top level in Technology, Equipment and Automation over the world”, by importing advanced production technology for cemented carbide coated inserts and tooling, and selecting the most advanced production, R&D and inspection equipment, Achteck established the production line of 10 million pcs(100 tons / year) coated inserts annual output. Product series are covering turning and milling inserts in cast iron, steel, stainless steel and other applications.         ◆ With a total investment of 480 million Yuan and introduction of German process and machineries, another high performance carbide rods production line was built with an annual output of 400 tons of high-performance solid carbide drills (blanks).Achteck produces solid rods, rods with straight hole(s) and spiral holes in different sizes and dimensions. Blank rods are good choices for solid carbides such as end mills, drills, micro-drills and micro-mills.         Technical strength     Along the way, Achteck always sticks to the spirit of innovation, research and development by enhancing extensive cooperation with famous domestic &international colleges and universities, focuses on internal talent training. At the same time, company has introduced technical experts from domestic and foreign in this industry. As a result Achteck holds a strong R&D team. By the end of 2016 Achteck has developed products covering turning, milling and drilling technologies for all types of materials including steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum alloy, super alloy and harden steel. Among all those products, the turning grades AC150P and AC250P, which are used for machining steel and has put into mass production and sales, has won 2016 Jung Garl Gustarv Technology Innovation Award.         At present Achteck owns 4 patents of inventions, 11 practical new patents, 7 design patents of appearance and 4 Germany design patents of appearance. Achteck has established standard and high-efficient internal control management system, carried out 6S management and passed ISO9001 quality management system. Meanwhile Achteck strengthens on the work of Party building, which involves combination and deep integration between Party building and company development, to support development of Achteck in a quicker manner.         Future Development         Seeing ‘Benefit from Resources, Reliance on Technologies, Devotion to Humanity and Top with Trust’as operation philosophy and ‘Safety, Harmony, Efficiency and Innovation’ as target, Achteck keeps self-innovation along with research and development. In the next five to ten years, to transfer advantage in raw material towards technology and industry, Achteck will continue import world advanced techniques, machineries and management concept, speed up expanding high performance cemented carbide coated inserts and establishment of soft steel and solid carbide projects. All these projects would serve current products, coated inserts and blank rods. More particularly it would increase competitiveness of Achteck and help Achteck become a first-class cemented carbide manufacturer in China.