gwSaar Saarland Economic Promotion Corporation


State-owned gwSaar Saarland Economic Promotion Corporation provides comprehensive services for investors. In Saarland, relocation management, economic promotion, and the real estate industry act together. gwSaar covers everything under one roof, from classic promotion of economic development, consultancy and the development and sale of industrial estates to the provision of turnkey properties. In addition, gwSaar integrates – on a national and international scale - newly located businesses in a strong, cross-sectoral network, thus providing comprehensive support to them. With its broad portfolio, it is ideally tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large companies and start-ups and guaranties a most effective relocation process.

Our Services:  Provision of detailed site information tailored to the project | From sites to turnkey real estate | Assistance in the application procedure for financial aid | Contacts to partners for tax and legal issues related to the establishment of your business | Support in the qualification of your personnel | Support in the search for suitable executives | Procurement of partners for your logistics | Support with permit applications | ... and apartments for your employees, kindergartens and schools, language courses etc.

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