Digital Learning Hub


The Digital Learning Hub (DLH) is characterized, on the one hand, by an important flexibility to host trainings in the field of computer science and, on the other hand, by an alternative way of pedagogy compared to a traditional school, for example.

Embedded in the context of continuing professional education (formation professionnelle) within the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth, the DLH is a meeting place for learners and professionals that provides an appropriate infrastructure to foster creativity, peer-to-peer work and an international learning and exchange culture. The aim of the DLH is to offer a variety of pedagogical forms in a friendly environment.

At launch, the courses offered at DLH are grouped into these entities:

Coding, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Design Thinking

The DLH is also proud to be part of the famous 42 Network and to house 42 Luxembourg amidst our premises.

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