Data Design Engineering S.à r.l.


Data Design Engineering S.à r.l. (DDE) is a Luxembourg based AI company that is focused on creating various data-driven customized AI services and solutions worldwide to support initiatives and global organizations in various aspects to make a better future. DDE first started in South Korea in 2014 and later expanded establishments to various countries such as China, Singapore, Hong Kong and now, Luxembourg.

We at DDE take pride in our expertise in developing completely data- driven AI solutions & services that are highly accurate, high-speed, have low operational cost and are fully automatable without the need to change existing systems. Our AI is principally ecological, evolutionary and human-centric. It is also capable of cloning human expert behaviors and thinking and can precisely analyze causality.

Below are the main categories of AI solutions & services provided at DDE:

• Space and Earth Observation Technologies

• Custom IoT

• Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Super Search Engine

- English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese language-specific models, auto-summarization, highlighting and sentiment analysis functions

• AI Image Recognition and Tracking

• Prediction Analysis

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