Paper cards for DNA stabilization and preservation


DNA-card (REF.800-01, 800-02) DNA-card is made of high quality filter paper impregnated with proprietary lysis buffer. After application of biological sample, buffer lyse cells, denature nucleases and other proteins, and release and stabilize nucleic acids in paper matrix. Sample can be stored at room temperature for years with nucleic acids preserved for molecular analysis. Features and benefits: • pre-treated to remove any traces of possible prior contamination with DNA; • ergonomic design and packaging for ease of collection, safe transportation and storage; • no need for low temperature controlled environment – transport and store at room temperature; • save space during archiving; • preserved DNA can be used in “direct PCR”, or extracted with different methods for downstream applications (amplification, sequencing and others). Suitable for use with different samples - just apply 100-150 μl on marked fields and air-dry for 1 hour: • blood (venous and capillary); • saliva; • buccal swabs; • cell culture; • bacterial culture; • different tissues; • and others Recommended for collection and storage of clinical samples, forensic material and different animal and plant material for subsequent DNA analysis.