EXOSKELETON "E-HELPER" is developed taking into account modern trends in medical rehabilitation, assistive technologies and adaptation of the complex to the anthropomorphic measurement of the patient. MEDICAL EXOSKELETONS ARE INTENDED FOR REHABILITATION OF PATIENTS AFTER TEMPORARY DISABILITY OF LOWER LIMBS, AS WELL AS FOR CONSTANT USE BY PEOPLE WITH COMPLETE LOSS OF FUNCTIONALITY OF LOWER LIMBS. The complex «E-helper» allows patients to GET UP, SIT DOWN, WALK, CLIMB STAIRS/RAMPS and overcome minor obstacles without help, relying with their hands on crutches, walkers or bars , thereby removing social barriers from wheelchair-moving patients and allowing them to visit shops, hospitals and other public places on their own. THE EXOSKELETON «E-HELPER» HAS A NUMBER OF IMPORTANT FEATURES: – Planetary motor gear has original layout and three-fold safety margin, is made of titanium alloy - light and strong material resistant to external environment; – Built-in microcomputer, which stores the patient database and collects statistics for each patient, which can be analyzed on a tablet computer by connecting via Wi-Fi; – The wrist-wearable control device operates for at least 8 hours without charging in wireless mode (via secure radio channel) and unlimited time during wired connection; – Built-in accumulator is assembled from highcurrent lithium-iron-phosphate cells, each of which can provide 75 A current for 1 minute, while remaining safe even in case of damage; – Affordable price, allowing to use exoskeleton «E-helper» in the sphere of health insurance and individual use.