ANIKA IS A BIO-FEEDBACK BASED SIMULATOR USED TO REGAIN FINE MOTOR SKILLS AND MOTOR COORDINATION. It is made up of two components – a specially designed glove that includes embedded sensors that monitor the location and movement of the hand and special software. The Anika gathers data of the patient’s current hand performance and transmit information to the program. • GLOVE WITH MOTION SENSORS + SPECIALIZED SOFTWARE. • SOFTWARE SERVER VERSION IS AVAILABLE. • THE DEVICE CAN BE USED FOR THE REMOTE REHABILITATION. OPTIONS AND ADVANTAGES: – Data collection, examination, diagnostics, – Selection of individual programs and difficulty levels, – Patient motivation in game form, – Progress data collection, rehab program adjustment in real time, – Treatment data is stored on the server. THE AID IS EFFECTIVE FOR THE FOLLOWING: – Restoring fine motor skills after suffering illnesses and injuries, – Infantile Cerebral Palsy, – Parkinson’s disease, – Stroke rehabilitation.