Vacuum Massage Apparatus VM-03 "Axion"


Vacuum Massage Apparatus VM-03 «AXION» is designed to treat osteochondrosis and the diseases of peripheral nervous, vascular and musculoskeletal systems caused by it. Massage is made by vacuum created in the transparent plastic caps which may be applied to the different parts of the patient’s body. The Vacuum massage apparatus can be used in clinics, sanatoria, massage rooms and in physiotherapy rooms of outpatient hospitals. Technical specifications: Technical Specifications: Rarefaction adjustment range from - 5 to - 65 kPa Time of retention at maximum and minimum rarefaction level up to 9 sec. Operating mode 30 minutes of operation and 20 minutes of break Power consumption 200 VA max Overall dimensions, max 270х300х260 mm Weigh of complete unit, max 12 kg Quantity of vacuum caps in 1 set 24 pcs