Medical Portable Suction Machine OMP-5/80


The OMP-5/80 Medical Portable Suction Machine is designed for liquid and air suction from the patient’s oral cavity, nasopharynx, trachea, and bronchi in the conditions of emergency medical assistance, at medical institutions, and during delivery of home health care. The device was developed specifically to equip ambulances and meets all requirements of medical staff. The suction machine’s advantages include, but not limited to: - convenient and easy transportation due to its light weight, compact dimensions, and a carrying handle - a simple, user-friendly control interface - time of operation from a rechargeable battery up to 50 minutes - the possibility to use tips of any size due to a plastic adapter for connection of tubes with various diameters - a float-type overflow protection system—locking once the container is filled to 0.85 L - the container is made of impact-proof polycarbonate and resistant to external effects - a membrane for compressor protection against ingress of suction products is included in the complete set - on-state and battery-status light indication will warn when the device is ready for operation