Phototherapy Radiator OFTN-420/470-02 "Axion"


Phototherapy Radiator for treatment of the neonatal jaundice OFTN-420/470-02 «AXION» is designed to treat a newborn using «blue» rays with the wavelength of 420...470 nm in order to reduce the content of bilibiron in blood. The unit may be efficiently used in maternity hospitals, newborn intensive therapy units and newborn jaundice outpatient institutions. Advantages: This phototherapy unit provides as follows: Indication of the preset time of the irradiation session; Indication of the current time of irradiation session with one minute increment; Automatic cutoff and sound signaling upon the irradiation session completion; Indication of operating time; Four rubber-coated wheels, including two equipped with brakes; Height adjustment unit designed to adjust the location of the radiator above the bed where the newborn is placed in (from 1.29m to 1,69m) Radiator tilt adjustment unit provides up to 90-degree inclination of the radiator from the horizontal plane; Using super bright LEDs provides increasing of operating time up to 50 000 hours, increasing of the intensity of radiation and reduction of power consumption; Radiator block is made of plastic case; Membrane keyboard on the front side of the block; Small size and weight.