Phototherapy Radiator for Treatment of Neonatal Jaundice OFTN-03 "Axion"


Phototherapy Radiator for treatment of the neonatal jaundice OFTN-03 «AXION» is designed to treat a newborn using «blue» rays with the wavelength of (465±15) nm in order to reduce the content of bilibiron in blood. The unit may be efficiently used in maternity hospitals, newborn intensive therapy units and newborn jaundice outpatient institutions. Advantages: Highly efficient phototherapy session with comfortable conditions for a patient; Adjustment of irradiation intensity; Duration of radiator operation up to 50 000 hours due to using super bright LEDs as a heating source; Indication of the preset time of the irradiation session; Indication of the current time of irradiation session with one minute increment and accuracy of ±1%; Automatic cutoff and sound signaling on the irradiation session completion; Indication of operating time.