Unit of Newborn Warming-up with Phototherapy UON-03 F "Axion"


Unit of Newborn Warming-up with Phototherapy Function UON-03 F «AXION» is designed for heating and carrying out phototherapy sessions for a newborn (hyperbilirubinemia treatment). It is used in intensive care maternity and pediatric hospitals. Using the device makes routine procedures with newborn easier and more comfortable for medical staff. Advantages: An infrared ceramic heater is the main heating source; Possibility of conduction phototherapy session simultaneously with warming-up session in manual and automatic modesl; Additional heating source - flexible heating element placed in the heated cushion; LEDs emitting blue light with wavelength (465 ±15) nm forhyperbilirubinemia treatment; Four rubber-coated wheels, including two equipped with brakes; 2 shelves for staff convenience; Cutaneous sensor for temperature heating control; Manual and “Timer” modes; Alarm system with simultaneous activation of the audible and visual signals in case of fault occurrence, patient's temperature rising over 38.5C or temperature deviations of more than + -1C.