Portable ventilator A-IVL-E-03


Portable ventilator A-IVL-E-03 is a high-tech device for maintaining the respiratory functions in adult patients and children under the emergency medicine conditions, in ambulances, field hospitals, as well as during intrahospital transportation. The device allows maintaining lung ventilation in response to respiratory efforts of the patient and provides forced supply of the mixture in their absence, as well as oxygen to the patient during resuscitation. Benefits: - a wide range of modes will help patients at different health conditions: a) forced ventilation mode - for patients unable to breathe on their own; b) forced-assisted ventilation mode - for patients with impaired respiratory functions; c) assisted ventilation mode - for patients with respiratory function as a response to respiratory efforts d) manual mode - emergency continuous supply of oxygen or air mixture stream; e) resuscitation mode - oxygen supply during cardiopulmonary resuscitation. - a wide range of adjustable parameters: selection of respiratory rate and minute volume, the inspiration and expiration ratio, the respiratory pressure range, oxygen content in the gas mixture; - the ability to supply oxygen either from a cylinder, or from a hospital oxygen network (if an adapter is available) - the possibility of ventilation through a facial mask or tracheal tube depending on the patient condition; - a highly informative 2.7-inch color screen displaying the operating mode, minute volume, gas pressure, inspiration and expiration ratio, ventilation rate, battery discharge level, graph of pressure or volume change (optional); - reusable patient breathing circuit suitable for 30 sterilization and reuse cycles; - power supply from a 2.9 Ah battery, the vehicle’s onboard network, and AC mains; - a main control unit housing made of ABS plastic and an aluminum platform ensure reliable operation of the device under the rescue and emergency conditions; - operation safety for the patient due to