Pulse Oximeter Portable PP-О1


Pulse Oximeter Portable PP-О1 is a compact device for prompt measurement of peripheral oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate, photoplethysmogram control and current results registration for heart-vascular system diagnostics The device is used to control the state of a patient under anaesthesia and in post-surgery critical care unit, for complex pulmonary examination, for hypoxia treatment when the pathology of internal organs, blood circulatory system is the case, for respiratory insufficiency, apnoea treatment as well as during patients transportation to a hospital in emergency medical or ambulance car. Advantages: adjustable visual and audible alarms, which may be switched off long term (at least 24 hours) off-line monitoring either external AC power supply, including vehicle on-board system via USB connector, or 3 AA size 1.2V batteries or rechargeable AA size 1.5V batteries compact dimensions, light weight, casing for comfort usage by a patient user-friendly interface for easy operation PC integration using proprietary software, data transfer to PC using USB or microSD card for subsequent analysis and storage clamp fixture for mounting in an ambulance car and in a hospital; arm cuff and clip to mount on a patient's cloths the device may be used to monitor the state of a patient of any age: from newborn and infants to adults informative 2.4" color TFT screen displaying current time, battery charge level, peripheral oxygen saturation (SpO2) level, SpO2 upper and lower alarm limit, heart rate (HR), HR upper and lower threshold limit, current alarm state, photoplethysmogram trend, perfusion index