Boaray 2000D Ventilator


Boaray 2000D is a turbine driven ventilator, which brings your ICU ventilator everywhere. Fulfill the clinical needs for emergency care, intra-hospital transportation and ICU. Key Features Comprehensive ventilation modes to ensure the ventilation needs of different type of patients - A/C(V), A/C(P), SIMV(V)+PS, SIMV(P)+PS, PRVC, CPAP/PSV, DualPAP, High Flow O2 Therapy. Intuitive user-friendly interface - 8.4 inch LCD color screen - Visible self-test and smart alarms system ensure patient’s safety in all situations - Simultaneous display of 3 waveforms and 2 loops Smart industrial design - Proximal flow sensor for more precise control and monitoring - Weight: 7.5 kg for better intra-hospital transportation - Lithium battery runnig time: Minimum 4 hours - Detachable & autoclavable expiratory valve assembly to avoid cross-infection