Boaray 5000D Ventilator


WHO designated model for pandemic medical material support Key Features - Vt range: 10-3000ml; Applicable to adult, pediatric and infant - Various ventilation modes: Invasive, Non-invasive, HFNC - Ventilation modes: VCV, PCV, PRVC, SIMV(P)+PS, SIMV(V)+PS, SIMV(PRVC)+PS, CPAP, PSV, Sigh, DualPAP, APRV, NPPV,HFNC - Comprehensive ventilation modes as well as powerful tools such as sigh, leakage compensation and Flow Support meet the patient’s individual - Weaning parameter ( RSB, P0.1, NIF, P-V tool) - 15 inch TFT touch screen & big front view for easy observation - Simultaneous display of 4 waveforms and 2 loops - Enhanced monitoring parameters like CO2, SpO2, WOB, RCexp, TVe/IBW, Resistance, Compliance - Synchronized nebulizer and air compressor (optional) - Detachable and autocalvable expiratory valve to avoid cross-infection - Active exhalation valve with anti-condensation design - World leading brands of key components of ventilator ensure high accuracy and stable performance - Advanced proportional solenoid technology realize accurate ventilation control - Multi-safety mechanism and three-priority alarm of visual and audio for different risks