Padus 8 Ventilator


Intelligently support breath,Gracefully save room Innovative technology sourced from the top European professionals and ShenZhen R&D team. One of the most advanced intelligent ICU ventilator around the world. Key Features: Intelligent ventilation strategies for pulmonary protection - Invasive, NIV, HFNC - Esophageal pressure, Gastric pressure, SI, P-V tool, PTP monitoring - Flow Support technology - Neonatal ventilation(Minimum 2 ml in VCV mode) Intuitive user interface - 360 degree visual with high resolution - Dynamic lung view - Histogram for better decision support - Visual guidelines Excellent industrial design - High-end pnuematic-driven design ventilator - Detachable & Autoclavable inspiratory and expiratory assembly - Invisible cable management - Ultra-compact design Flow Support is an advanced closed-loop control technology with square wave pattern and decelerating flow pattern. Under the square wave pattern, the patient is able to breathe spontaneously in the inspiratory phase, while under the decelerating flow pattern, the system is able to adjust the flow rate according to the patient's compliance and resistance changes. It means this advanced mode greatly reducing the use of sedatives and muscle relaxants, and has obvious effects on patients with atelectasis, ARDS, acute pulmonary edema, and asthma.