Disposable Hemodialysis Catheter Kit


Product Description: It is intended for intervention in the blood vessels (through femoral vein, internal jugular vein or subclavian vein as required) by percutaneous punctuations to attain short-term (less than 30 day) access for hemodialysis, hemoperfusion and apheresis treatments. It ranges with straight/curved type catheter, Double/triple lumen, 13/16/20cm catheter length. Standard Package: Hemodialysis catheter (1) Guide wire (1) Tissue dilator (1) Introducer needle/Y-shape Needle (1) Catheter fastener (1) Blue introducer syringe (1/0) Heparin cap (1/2/3) Extension line clamp (1/2/3) Syringe with needle (1/2) Scalpel (1) Features • Dual-D lumen • Single dilator with gradually varied O.D. • Rotatable suture hub • Patented connection design • Flexible polyurethane material • Latex-free Benefits • Higher flow • Easy entry • Smooth dilation • Optimized catheter positioning • Anti-kink • Anti-bacterial • Leakage-proof