Endoscope washer-disinfector


Model: Rider 50B Washing tank: Single Door:Automatic Tempered glass door, easy to operate and observe; Door operation method: Touch screen or door pedal switch; Control system: Siemens S7-200 PLC; Touch screen display: 5.7’’ colorful touch screen Washing capacity: 1/2 Pieces of flexible endoscope Weight: 100 kg(Rider50B) Overall dimension: 740mm(L)×650mm(W)×940mm(H) Power:1.5Kw Water supply: Pressure:0.2-0.5Mpa Hardness: Calcium carbonate concentration<120mg/L PH Value:6.5~9 Cycle time: Acidic water:12-13mins Glutaraldehyde (GA):18-20mins O-Phthalaldehyde (OPA):13-15mins Peracetic acid (PA):13-15mins Leakage test function: Full cycle endoscope leak test monitoring device with Patent; Water consumption: per standard cycle≤25L Self-disinfection function: Can disinfect for pipe, tank, and for the final rising water filter; Drying function: Air drying or Alcohol drying; Flexible endoscope washing connection adopter: Olympus, Pentax, Fujinon and others; Other features: 100% washing and disinfection with bottom and top double level spraying device; Disinfectant heating system: The disinfectant can be automatically heated and the heating temperature can be displayed, improve the disinfection efficiency; Disinfectant automatic sampling function; Disinfectant automatic filling and drainage function; Disinfection cycle count record: Each washing and disinfection cycle will be counted; Process data print: Operator code, program name, cycle date, cycle time, Step name, Step time;