Dental Unit


Model: XH502 Main technical feature: · Seamless leather · Denmark Linak electric push rod · The motion compensation mechanism reduces the feeling of squeezing and stretching the back. · The main force-bearing parts are made of high strength cast aluminum. · Paint processed surface. · Neck support and head retention design on headrest. · Induction key operation panel on instrument tray. LCD real-time display of equipment working status. 3 preset chair positions, 3 customized chair position. · Master switch can cut off the water, gas and electricity one button. · Detachable handpiece tube for easy replacement, cleaning and disinfection. · Induction key operation panel on assistant system. 4 preset positions. The assistant system can be rotated 90 degrees, which is convenient for four-handed operation. · Reflective LED dental light, five-level brightness sensing adjustment. Three-joint rotation, no dead spots for lighting. One-button disassembly handle can be sterilized by high temperature. Service life ≥ 30,000 hours. Main technical parameters: · Seat height: minimum ≤390mm, maximum ≥800mm; · The backrest pitch angle: 105°-185°; · Equipment size: 2000×850×2100mm Standard configuration list 1) Dental chair unit × 1Unit 2)Four-holes handpicece tubes, High Speed × 2 Sets, Low Speed ×1 Set 3)Triple-function spray gun ×2 sets 4)Assistant control panel × 1 Set 5)Sputum flushing/automatic thermostatic mouthwash system × 1 set, 6)Weak suction system × 1 Set , Strong suction system × 1 Set 7)External suction filtration system × 1 Set 8)LED shadow less lamp × 1 Set 9)X-Ray film viewer × 1 Set 10)Rotating ceramic spittoon × 1 Set 11)Water purification system × 1 Set 12)Water source exchange system × 1 Set 13)Down mounted instrument tray × 1 Set 14)Instrument tray rubber pad × 1 Set 15)Air-lock instrument arm × 1 Set 16)Double-adjusting dentist chair × 1 Set 17)Left handrest × 1 Set 18)Foot controller × 1 Set