Infant Radiant Warmer - BQ80


Different from traditional radiant warmer, BQ80 is a 4-in-1 completely neonatal rescue platform. BQ80 integrates four key rescue and nursing systems to achieve one-stop operation and management: Heating/T-piece Resuscitation/Monitoring/Phototherapy. ①Heating: BQ80 applies far infrared ceramic heating tube for improving the radiation efficiency and extend the duration. ②T-piece Resuscitation: Built-in T-piece resuscitation provides safe and effective integrated asphyxia resuscitation and ventilation management including negative pressure sputum suction, positive pressure resuscitation, and oxygen therapy ③Monitoring: Built-in C31 specialized neonatal monitoring system is available for monitoring neonatal vital signs parameter, which can save the space and cost. ④Phototherapy: Canopy integrated jaundice treatment LED light for phototherapy, providing a soft blue light for the neonatal with jaundice.