Infusion Pump - ME900


ME900 is a stackable infusion pump which could use together with MX8900 infusion system. With 3.5'' capactive touch screen, IP33 ①High efficiency in workflow a. History setting memory, large capacity drug libaray up to 5000 b. 9~13 hours working span with different built-in batteries c. Titration function, changing the rate without stopping infusion process ②Multiple infusion modes a. Rate mode/Time mode/Weight mode/Sequential mode/First dose mode/Micro mode/Drip mode/Ramp mode ③Accurate and safe delivery a. Rate range: 0.10ml/h ~ 2000ml/h, step by down to 0.01ml/h, accuracy 4.5% b. 12 level occlusion detection, two pressure sensors, dynamic pressure monitoring c. Anti-free-flow function, anti-bolus function d. 7 levels bubble detection, with minimum szie at 25ul e. Support accumulative bubble dection ④Combination and compatibility a. Syringe sizes : 20drops/min, 60drops/min b. Customerizable infusion brand c. Optional handle for portability d. Optional barcode scanner