Neonatal Ventilator - NV7/NV8/NV9


The NV series is the first non-invasive BiPAP neonatal ventilator series in China, which has the most comprehensive ventilation modes, NCPAP, NIPPV, SNIPPV, HFNC, intenting to greatly reduce the intubation rate. NCPAP: creates a constant and positvie pressure, different from traditional NCPAP mode, with unique abdominal respiratory sensor, could provide a higher pressure air flow to wake up the patientes when the apnea is detected. NIPPV: is a mechanical bi-level ventilation. Allows adjustments of PEEP and Pinsp. SNIPPV: synchronized NIPPV, triggered from abdominal sensor, reduces man-machine confrontation and WOB. HFNC: infuse humidified high-flow mixture oxygen to the patient through unsealed nasal cannula. Meanwhile, NV series adopts the real-time pressure monitoring and waveform display. NV9 as a high-end non-invasive neonatal ventilator, intergrates the MASIMO SpO2 monitoring into it, which could directly refect the respiratory condition of the patient.