Incubator - B3/B6/B8 + Phototherapy Equipment - BL70


COMEN Incubator provides a womb-like environment with temperature, humidity, and oxygen concentration, suitable for newborns. A stable temperature control system: ①Fast preheating time: variable resistive heating technology, resistive double heating plate, and intelligent control system are adopted to work in time-sharing, realizing fast preheating speed and shortening heating time. ②Stable temperature and high-efficiency thermal insulation: dual-layer board thermal insulation and the air curtain is automatically formed while opening the incubator door, which creates a suitable warm environment for the growth and development of newborns. ③Safety guarantee: built-in 7-channel temperature sensor to prevent overheating Safe and efficient humidification system: ①High standard humidity control: the accuracy is ±5%. ②Visual water tank prevents dry burning from damaging the incubator. ③Reduce the risk of hospital infection Oxygen concentration control system: ①Through air-oxygen ratio calculation and oxygen concentration monitoring, closed-loop feedback control is realized. Unique apnea wake-up function and specific abdominal sensor make COMEN B series infant incubator become the world’s first specialized neonatal incubators with therapeutic functions. 3-step disassembly greatly reduces the workload of medical personnel, compared to similar products, COMEN Incubator has minimal disassembly procedures. Meanwhile, BL70 phototherapy equipment also could be used besides the incubator. The service life is up to 50,000 hours, ensuring clinical usage and minimizing the cost for the end users. With unique integrated camera, when doctors round the wards, there is no need to open the cover, the condition of neonates can be checked through the screen in real time, reducing undesired blue light exposure.