Infant Incubator YP-800


YP-800 is a practically multi-functional infant incubator. Its design is based on the concept of simplicity. While keeping temperature constantly stable, it provides humidity and oxygen concentration display and control to allow simpler operation. LCD screen Two modes Door damping system Pulse oximetry monitoring function Improve CCHD screening sensitivity to 93%; reduce the incidence of severe retinopathy of prematurity (ROP); with 3% missing alarms and 5% false alarms Two-side phototherapy units Bring more efficient treatment for jaundice PID algorithm The core temperature control algorithm is upgraded, which effectively reduces the temperature fluctuation and makes the bed temperature more uniform Built-in weighing system Convenient to measure the weight of children, and monitor the trends of weight changes Ultra-quiet door Adjustable height to meet the demand of doctors and nurses Built-in camera system Built-in camera system is convenient for clinical review Noise reduction function The noise of the whole machine is lower than 45dB Double thermostat cover Automatic air curtain unit stabilizes the temperature in the cabin Double insurance design of the front door Double protection to avoid accidental opening of the front door
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