Universal Sets for Gravity Feeding


Intended for administration of enteral nutrition, fluids or medication and are suitable for gravity use. They are designed to directly connect ready-to hang (RTH) containers with ENPlus connection systems or glass and plastic wide-neck containers or crown cork glass bottles with ENFit® feeding tubes. Key features: - Compatible with ENFit feeding tubes and syringes - Compatible with ENPlus, wide-neck containers and crown cork bottles - PVC tubing - All materials DEHP, BPA and Latex-free* - Tube diameters: 4.0 mm (inner) and 5.4 mm (outer) - 200 cm customizable length - Purple connectors, other colors available - With roller clamp - With drip chamber - With bottle holder - With or without medication ports (Y or 3-way) - Medication ports with or without cap - With or without ENFit transition adapters - Sterile or non-sterile - Customizable packaging configurations *DEHP and BPA are not intentionally added during the manufacturing process. Not formulated with natural rubber latex.