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Founded in 2007, Guangzhou Labsim Biotech Co., Ltd, as the mature manufacturer for supplying comprehensive solution of automated fluorescent immunoassay system and Pathology Printer in China, is dedicated to offer service for global IVD enterprises with the mission "Make Medical Test More Accurate". In domestic market, we have the most complete variety of POCT products, and more than 100,000+ hospitals and clinics use our instruments. Our POCT products can be applied to many fields, like hospitals / clinics, laboratories,food safety, inspection & quarantine, veterinary care, emergency rescue, drug testing and forensic diagnosis, military medical, etc. In 2020, our analyzers have made great contributions to the field of epidemic test. In addition, our pathology printers include Thermal transfer printers, Laser printers, Ultraviolet printers (slide / tissue cassette).


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