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We, ablue, are a manufacturer of posture corrector chairs based in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. We study your healthy habits. Based on differentiated ideas and designs, our company researches,develops and manufactures ideas products that can help consumers in a healthy life through proper posture in the pandemic era and innovative design productsthat can improve the convenience of life.

Our biggest hit, the Curble Chair, was introduced to the Korean market in early 2019 and achieved a remarkable achievement selling 3.5 million in domestic sales and exporting to more than 30 overseas countries. Currently, the cumulative sales of Curble Chairs have reached 8 million units which means that 8 out of 50 Koreans are using our chairs.

Curble Chair is currently preparing additional models with various designs and new functions, and of course,researching and developing new products that can help you have a healthy life.

After numerous digital devices were born,neck discs have been caused by straight-neck turtle neck syndrome from childhood and adolescents, and as the importance of proper posture is emphasized, the Curble Chair is in the blue ocean more than any other product.Also, can be used as a corporate anniversary gift and promotional gifts. It is a product with endless possibilities in the promotional gifts and office/schools furniture market. 

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