Shenzhen Zhonghe Headway Bio-sci & Tech Co, Ltd



Mission: Make the pursuit of health easy

Vision: To be the leader in global breath detection industry

Values: Innovation, practicality, responsibility, cooperation 

Shenzhen Zhonghe Headway Bio-Sci & Tech Co., Ltd. , founded in 1996, is a high-tech enterprise which owns completely independent intellectual property rights of breath test technology and integrates research, development, production and sales. We are the global leader in breath test for H. Pylori diagnosis. 

Our main products focus on 13C and 14C-Urea Breath Test system.We serve over 300 million people all around the world.We believe that the Urea breath test will be the most popular method for H. pylori infection diagnosis, not only for clinical but also for physical examination etc. Because it is a non-invasive, accurate, real-time, simple and safe method.

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