Meet-up | Ensuring citizen welfare through public management based on data intelligence

Sala 2


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Key points:

- Improving productivity, faster and more assertive responses in problem solving

- Use of transforming technologies helping in the efficiency of public management

- Collaboration and partnerships in fostering innovation in management and benefits to society

- Smart management & data analysis against COVID-19

- What are the main challenges?

- Digital inclusion


Fernando Rabelo, Executive Manager, BrazilLAB


André Renato Facchini, Director, ICT Department, State of Rio Grande do Sul

Pedro Calixto, Director of Technological Development, Secretary of State for Planning and Management of Minas Gerais

Rodrigo Michel de Moraes, Undersecretary of Information Technology, Government of Goiás

Fernando Trincado, Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism, Energy, Technology,  Prefeitura de São Caetano do Sul   

Marcos  Coseglio, Sales Director, Global Government Américas,  SES