Midwest is the innovation leader in dust control and soil stabilization. We offer the leading underground mine dust control program — MineKleen® — developed by mining engineers. Your underground mine can now achieve up to 95% reduction in operational dust while reducing water consumption by over 95%. Extreme dust control in underground mines is now possible for long periods of time and few applications, resulting in greater productivity and safety.

Midwest’s proprietary MineKleen® formulations are specific to underground use, carefully crafted to dramatically reduce dust and inhibit the growth of mold. MineKleen® Plus contains a proprietary binder system. This stabilization advantage is possible because it delivers both an adhesive (a force of attraction between different kinds of molecules) and a cohesive (with the same types of molecules) dust-binding mechanism.

The MineKleen® Sprayer is a proprietary, compact spray application system that will fit into most underground shafts. The eye hooks and sled-style bottom provide for easy transport and use underground. The sprayer saves time and money, as it can spray floors, backs and ribs, simultaneously or separately

What challenge does your technology and/or service solve?
The MineKleen® Underground Mine Dust Control System is a complete program to combat hazardous dust. Midwest has invented this combination of scientifically proven formulations that are applied using specialized equipment, designed expressly for the underground mine and its space limitations.
Why is your technology and/or service a game changer for mining companies?
Dust control in underground mines is a major challenge. Mud, dust and potholes cause tramming delays and frequent work interruptions that interfere with productivity. Our co-developed MineKleen® program improves worker health and safety, government compliance, and relationships with surrounding communities
What's your most recent success story?
Our latest testing at one mine customer resulted in a 37.5% reduction in cost for their dust control program, decreasing their investment by $184,659. Their new cost for the main traffic areas on the ramps and lower levels was $307,244.
Who would like to speak to?
C-suite, mine operators, mining engineers, safety & compliance specialists, site supervisors and any other contacts who may influence or coordinate the underground mine dust control program.

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