The Role of Women in Driving Finclusivity

Wednesday, November 3, 2021 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Global Plenary
Women's Financial InclusionFintech


Future(un)fit finance: For an industry focused on the future of finance however fintech is well behind the curve. Only 14% of senior positions in fintech firms globally are occupied by women; under 2% of the world’s 1,000 best funded fintech firms are solely founded by women and just one sixth of fintech funding globally is raised by women-managed firms.

There’s (a lot of) work to do to increase the visibility and success of women in fintech. The Fintech Diversity Radar launching in November is about how we work together to change that.

Join a panel of global luminaries who will be discussing:

  • the relationship between funding success and the number of female staff
  • how investors view the presence of women in the companies they work with
  • the role of women in different regions and different company types, and
  • where women founders secure the greatest share of funding
  • where women are most likely to break out of marketing and HR to take responsibility as CEO or CTO; and
  • what happens to women at the top when companies grow?

On 3 November, Findexable will be launching the first Fintech Diversity Radar, a global big data initiative analyzing the role women play – or rather, don’t – in fintech firms around the world. The findings from the research are surprising. And, sadly, shocking. As the first global data initiative on fintech, we’ll be using this first research to accelerate change to build finance for the future.

The report is the first step of an initiative designed to accelerate inclusion and bake diversity into fintech firms. Our panelists will also share their views on recommendations for actionable steps to build a financial services marketplace truly fit for the future.