Study validates US pork industry biosecurity measures and pathway awareness

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A new year-long study to identify U.S. pork industry gaps in biosecurity defenses against foreign animal diseases, funded by the Pork Checkoff and the Swine Health Information Center (SHIC), found no major areas have been overlooked in efforts to prevent the introduction of African swine fever (ASF) to the United States. With ASF confirmed in the Dominican Republic, the first time it has been in the western hemisphere in 40 years, this work provides reassurance the U.S. pork industry and government agencies have identified the major routes of potential domestic introduction. The study, conducted by EpiX Analytics, LLC, reinforced the importance of continued on-farm biosecurity diligence for known pathways and identified feed and feed ingredient imports risks as a critical opportunity to bolster defenses against ASF.  We talk with Paul Sundberg, DVM, PhD, DACVPM, executive director, Swine Health Information Center (SHIC), to find out more.