Concurrent Session 5A: Special session: Employment Regimes and Health 2: Precarious Work



Moderator: Professor Frank Pot

Speakers: Tapas, Ray, PhD; Noopur Singh, MPH; Emma K. Trui, PhD, MPH; Sherry Baron, MD, MPH

Description: The world of work is undergoing major changes: in the nature of work and employment arrangements, in workforce demographics, and in the types of workplaces, all of which can affect both worker well-being and business productivity. Nonstandard employment arrangements are on the rise, but also reflect precarious work situations. This special concurrent session presents current research on the relationships between various forms of precarious employment and its impact on worker health.

Learning objectives: At the end of this session, participants will be able to: (1) describe at least one example of innovative research on nonstandard work arrangements, including precarious work and its relationship between country, workers and health; (2) distinguish and critique the relationship between types of informal and formal work arrangements and how they may impact worker well-being.