Keynote 3 - New educational strategies for occupational health professionals in Europe



Description: This session will describe European training strategies for occupational safety and health, and occupational health experts linking them to the EU OSH Framework strategy in case of OSH training, and to the European Bologna Process and European Higher Education Area, EHEA, in case of occupational health specialist training. The Finnish occupational health services are used for exemplifying the use of training strategies for ensuring competent human resources for the occupational health service system. 

Learning objectives: At the end of the session, participants will be able to: (1) recognize the European Union OSH and OH training strategies; (2) identify the European Bologna Process for harmonization of academic expert curricula and development of quality of higher education in OSH and OH in Europe; describe the Finnish OHS system, the structure, functions and, human resources, of comprehensive occupational health service, and competence requirements for the occupational safety and health and occupational health service practitioners in Northern Europe.